The Advantages Of Facial Spa Treatments

April 10th, 2017

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It seems indisputable that timely and professional skin care helps us to maintain our natural beauty and extend the youthful appearance. Today’s cosmetic products and procedures allow us to improve our overall skin health and reduce signs of aging quickly and efficiently.

Facial skin care is divided into daily routine that is usually performed on your own, and professional programs designed for medical spas and/or beauty salons.

Types of facial skin care

Your daily skin care routine usually includes cleansing from sweat, dust and makeup, skin moisturizing and nourishment. All you need here is to choose appropriate skincare products and a little of self-discipline.

Trained staff at medical spa helps you to find out what treatments your skin really needs, and saves your money and time that could be unsuccessfully spent on “trials and errors”.

Facial skin care at medical spa

Medical spa is a place where you can get a wide range of high-impact treatments with significant results that are visible immediately, in contrast to home treatments. They require specialized equipment and training and usually are not suitable for home.

Facial spa treatment is one of the most popular procedures among our clients. Facials help to maintain healthy, flawless skin and give it more energy and support in today’s harsh urban environment.

In general, facial treatment programs are designed to solve any of the following four complex tasks:

Diminishing the signs of stress, protection against the aggressive environmental influence, and returning a healthy glow to your skin;

Maintaining an ideal health of your skin through intensive hydration, balancing, and nourishment;

Improvement of your skin complexion by soothing and cleaning it from dark spots and other impurities;

Anti-aging programs that help to reduce the first wrinkles and fine lines, stimulate restoration of your natural collagen and elastin.

These programs may include some of these steps:

– Professional deep cleansing. It is vital for all urban dwellers as it helps to get rid of pollution and enhance your skin glow.

Exfoliation. Trained professional evaluates your skin condition and selects an appropriate exfoliating product that helps your skin to get rid of dead cells and impurities while solving some additional issues at the same time.

Facial massage. It helps to confront a premature skin aging, strengthens the muscles of face and neck, restores the normal color of face and neck, and contributes to overall skin condition improvement.

– Facial mask. A good mask helps to clean the skin and smooth wrinkles, delivers freshness and revives the color, removes freckles and acne. Trained specialists select the one that fits your skin needs exactly at the moment, so you get the best results visible almost instantly.

Other add-ons depending on the situation. As a final note, your specialist may apply a skin-specific serum, gel or cream to consolidate the results and protect your skin.

Your specialist might advise you some products for home use that address the current problems of your skin or help to maintain its health depending on season and other factors.

Summarizing the advantages of facial spa treatments

Professional skin treatment starts from the analysis of your skin condition and type. Its main advantages are the correct selection of products and procedures performed by the person with specific training in skin care. Other “added values” of professional skin care include:

Access to the latest technologies in skin care;

Timely deep cleansing exfoliation of the skin performed in a professional manner;

Efficient reduction of skin problems;

Visible anti-aging impact;

Exemption from a waste on unnecessary cosmetic products;

Preservation of youth and health of your skin for a long time.

Facial Spa Treatments in Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton area

At Arsenault Derm Spa we offer such treatments as enzyme facial, detoxifying facial, oxygenating facial, back facial, gentlemen facials, diamondtome microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. Check the detailed description of each treatment and our price range, or contact us to appoint your facial treatment.

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