Pros And Cons Of Chemical Peels

January 5th, 2018
Pros And Cons Of Chemical Peels The pros and cons of chemical peels are quite a pressing question for every person looking for the safe and efficient solution for skin issues like acne, sunspots, scars and keloids, dull skin and the like. (more…)

The Best Treatment For Acne

November 18th, 2017
The Best Treatment For Acne Clear, radiant complexion probably is something every person is dreaming about. Nature has been generous to some individuals, but most of us have come across acne breakouts at least once in a lifetime. (more…)

How To Remove Age Spots?

October 8th, 2017
How To Remove Age Spots In everyday life, the uneven skin pigmentation is often pessimistically called “age spots” like it’s something you’ll inevitably get as you become older. Actually, the most common reason of “age spots” is extensive unprotected UV exposure. (more…)

How safe is Juvederm?

August 29th, 2017
How safe is Juvederm? Juvederm is a favorite of many dermatologists and their patients. This injectable gel filler formula is based on the hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that helps our skin to maintain its volume and softness. There are several Juvederm modifications widely utilized all over the world for correction of visible facial folds, lip augmentation, and compensation of age-related volume loss. (more…)

The Advantages Of Facial Spa Treatments

April 10th, 2017
Facial spa treatments-pexels-photo-312925 It seems indisputable that timely and professional skin care helps us to maintain our natural beauty and extend the youthful appearance. Today's cosmetic products and procedures allow us to improve our overall skin health and reduce signs of aging quickly and efficiently. Facial skin care is divided into daily routine that is usually performed on your own, and professional programs designed for medical spas and/or beauty salons. (more…)

Should You Try Hyaluronic Acid Fillers For Wrinkles Treatment?

March 17th, 2017
The Advantages of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers For Wrinkles Treatment “Beauty injections” have been booming lately. They help to change features, smooth out wrinkles, and reduce visible signs of aging significantly. Filler injections are considered to be one of the most efficient cosmetic procedures as they provide the instant effect, help to save time and have little to no recovery time. (more…)

Am I going to have an allergic reaction to Juvederm injections?

March 3rd, 2017
Am I going to have an allergic reaction to Juvederm injections? Every woman who is looking for reliable options for reduction of deep wrinkles, biorevitalization, or face contouring plasty, learns about Juvederm almost immediately. It is very popular on the web and among real-life doctors and estheticians. But people prone to allergies could not rely on the buzz. The first thing they are interested in is “am I going to have an allergic reaction to it?” (more…)

5 Reasons To Schedule A Micro Needling Pen Treatment

February 24th, 2017
5 Reasons To Schedule A Microneedling Pen Treatment Perhaps everyone strives to have a smooth and firm skin, but not everyone is ready to tolerate discomfort or to spend a significant amount of time to get what she or he wants. Fortunately, we no longer have to leave our so-called “comfort zone” to make our skin look better. With the latest technology, we can get desirable results without sacrificing our time or putting our skin at risk. (more…)

How Long Do Botox Injections Last?

February 17th, 2017
How Long Do Botox Injections Last If you want to test the rejuvenating effect of Botox injections on your own skin, you should definitely have a lot of questions on the subject! (more…)

Restylane or Juvederm: The Showdown of Beauty Fillers

September 6th, 2016
how to choose between Restylane or Juvederm We are faced with a lot of choices every single day and deciding to look beautiful and presentable is just one of them. Thanks to the power of modern technology, we are given more opportunities. Should you just go au naturel or put your makeup on? Maybe go for a microdermabrasion treatment? Oh, and maybe going for either Restylane or Juvederm. (more…)