Restylane or Juvederm: The Showdown of Beauty Fillers

September 6th, 2016

how to choose between Restylane or Juvederm

We are faced with a lot of choices every single day and deciding to look beautiful and presentable is just one of them. Thanks to the power of modern technology, we are given more opportunities. Should you just go au naturel or put your makeup on? Maybe go for a microdermabrasion treatment?

Oh, and maybe going for either Restylane or Juvederm.

If you aren’t familiar with the two things we’ve mentioned above, those are 2 of the more popular facial fillers used to address a variety of facial imperfections. They are considered to be the less invasive answer to wrinkles and lines compared to plastic surgery. Restylane and Juvederm are 2 of the best solutions out there for younger, uplifted, and rejuvenated skin.

But being two different fillers, there both have their strengths and their weaknesses one compared to another. So to put the debate to rest, let us try to give these two a face-off (no pun intended!) they sorely deserve.


Restylane or Juvederm: Which is which?

To give both of these fillers equal chances at winning, let us try to list down the important qualities of facial fillers and let’s see if one is better than the other or if they are virtually the same.

1. Versatility – Both Juvederm and Restylane are quite versatile in the sense that both men and women for various facial rejuvenation treatments can use it. They are both used to give women fuller lips, by both men and women to eliminate small marionette lines on their eyes or lips, and it can also be used by both genders to make their cheeks or the areas below their eyes seem fuller and younger-looking.

2. Active Ingredient – Although the two are different kinds of facial fillers, they both have the same active ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is an anionic, nonsulfated glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It can usually be found alongside collagen and elastin which are two of the important compounds that make our skin healthy. Hyaluronic Acid exists to maintain the water on our skin – making it look moisturized and healthy.

3. Effect – Due to having the same kind of active ingredient, Juvederm and Restylane both have similar effects to the skin. Thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid, your skin attracts and retains more moisture than usual. This gives to skin the vitality and moisturizing feel it needs. Both products have biodegradable components that have little to no side effects when used on people.

4. Texture – This is where the difference starts for both fillers. Juvederm is considered by most experts as smooth while Restylane is coined as “granular”. There is no legitimate scientific study to support this, but these classifications are generally accepted by all. Restylane is more likely to leave bumps during the treatment compared to Juvederm. Due to its smooth nature, Juvederm is great for small lines but not for large areas of the face like a sunken area. Restylane is the filler of choice if you want to get a fuller effect in areas under the eyes and the like.

5. Volume – Restylane is much more cohesive in nature compared to Juvederm and it stays in place more. Due to this, doctors prefer to use it in treatments where they need to control and mold it to it’s a particular shape/form. In practice, Restylane is great when you want volume and Juvederm is perfect when working with the finer features of the face.

6. Effectivity – Both Restylane and Juvederm treatments can last for months, but Juvederm is known to have more Hyaluronic Acid in its formula (at least 35% more) so it lasts longer. The formula called Juvederm Ultra Plus promises to last from 9 to 12 months per treatment.

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If you try to think about it, choosing between Restylane and Juvederm is not really that hard. It all boils down to what part of your face you want to rejuvenate. It is always best to go and call your dermatologist about it and find out which of the two is better for your treatment. Our expert dermatologists will be more than welcome to answer any queries you have and will suggest the best facial filler depending on your needs. Call us or visit the medical spa today so we can have a quick talk about how you can make your skin feel rejuvenated and healthy again.

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