The Best Treatment For Acne

November 18th, 2017
The Best Treatment For Acne Clear, radiant complexion probably is something every person is dreaming about. Nature has been generous to some individuals, but most of us have come across acne breakouts at least once in a lifetime. Acne appears when your skin produces excess oil, which makes dead skin cells stick together inside the pore and does not allow them to rise to the surface. When p. acnes, a bacteria that lives on the skin, gets inside the clogged pore, it reproduces quickly, and your pore gets inflamed. If the inflammation penetrates deeper into the skin, an acne cyst or nodule develops. The best treatment for acne is always individual, although we can give you some general advice that could improve your complexion in case you have mild acne. What not to do if you want to get your skin clean - Don’t try to treat your acne by tanning. It increases cell turnover, and even if you get rid of two or three bumps today, you’ll get a dozen new next week. In addition, you expose yourself to increased risk of a skin cancer. - Don’t torment yourself by frequent washing or scrubbing. It's probably not the best treatment for acne. As you’ve learned from the second paragraph of this blog post, the problem does not evolve on the skin surface. Two times - in the morning and before going to bed is just fine. Also, wash your face after training or excessive sweating. - Don’t squeeze pimples. When squeezing a pimple, only a part of it leaves the pore, and the rest remains in the skin and provokes a deep inflammation. Besides, this method injures the skin and sebaceous glands. The destroyed acne will arise again and again. The will result not only in pimples but also leave scars, which are costly and unpleasant to treat. - Never try to utilize any of those numerous “DIY beauty recipes” from Pinterest and Instagram. We have no idea who are all those people who produce them in such amounts, and there is too much advice which is not only useless but could also damage your skin. Your skin is not the best thing to experiment with. - Don’t use essential oils to treat the acne. You might have seen a lot of questionable advertising materials, but please note that there is no hard evidence that tea tree or any other essential oil is useful for acne treatment. What could be done from your side? In case you have mild acne, a combination of measures mentioned below might help. In case you suffer from a severe form of acne, you need to visit a dermatologist who will help you to find a reason for your skin issues and prescribe appropriate medication. By the way, some people with no background in dermatology might confuse rosacea, perioral dermatitis, and some other skin conditions with acne. 1) Try over-the-counter cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid; 2) Choose skin care products labeled as noncomedogenic; 3) Revise your diet: cut the processed sugar intake (it is useful for your overall health, and there are some evidence that too many fast carbohydrates negatively affect your skin complexion). You might also experiment with removing dairy from you ration (including cheese); 4) Get some new lifestyle habits: clean the glass of your phone regularly, change your pillowcase once a week, don’t go to the hot-yoga classes, try using disposable paper towels, avoid thick or oil-absorbing foundation. 5) If you were practicing all things from this list for a month or two, and you see that nothing had changed, it’s better to visit a dermatologist. You’ll get a professional screening and prescription that might include: 6) Safe topical medication (prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide or retinoid, antibiotic, or salicylic acid); 7) A treatment that works throughout the body (antibiotics or isotretinoin); 8) A procedure that is appropriate in your case (light treatment, chemical peel or "drainage and extraction" procedure).

The best treatment for acne in Lakewood Ranch

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